ERP Supply Chain Management

Supply chain

Supply Chain

The new normal is shattering value chains- most chains cannot keep up the pace of demanding market and unprecedented uncertainty. Also there is a huge increase in need of buying products from anywhere and anytime. Managing these numbers of chains, meeting ever increasing demand of clients has become a challenging task. Thus ERP supply chain management is the power tool for all the business needs in this aspect. Supply chain management solves these major obstacles by capturing value from the collab creating one major cloud of information.

By introducing ERP supply chain management, business elevates experience through supply chain operations in real time lower costs and improves client services for better reach in terms of flexibility and affordability. Greater speed and agility can be achieved by using this module. It also helps with collaboration across functions and with external partners. Systematic implementation into supply chain management, customer trust can  be built through tracking and traceability for responsible sourcing and delivery.

Example:To illustrate the value of customer centered ERP Supply Chain.

Let’s say if one million company transformed its supply chain it can achieve $25million To $50million.

  • Sales increase of 5million to 10 million.
  • Distribution Cost reduction of $5 million to $3 million.

  • Forecast Accuracy Improvement of 62 %

  • Absolute inventory reduction of $3 million to $4.5 million.

  • Labour Cost reduction of 20% to 40%

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