Accounting ERP

Accounting ERP

Accounting helps manage simple funda of debit and credit rules. ERP accounting Module helps in managing the basic rule along with other modules of organisation. It monitors KPI ( KEY Performance Indicators) and gives a fair report of the company’s positions otherwise.

ERP Accounting Module takes into consideration end users with its surface knowledge of BI ( Business Intelligence) it Records, organises, maintains records and analyses data captured at all points and continuity.

The core Business it maintains and manages

  • A mix range of statements and reports :
The module provides a wide range of end of day reports, monthly and yearly reports.
  • Categorisation of revenue & Expenditure :
In Module accounting ERP, you can enter and use centres of revenues and expenditures to get rythmise income.
  • Depicts Asset Management :
This is a feature which manages specially for companies, who own a major amount AUM (Asset Under management), such as commodities, properties, real estate. It shows the fair value of their assets and how to manage such big portfolios.
  • Bills Receivables :
It helps in figuring out what would be the bigger picture of the company’s balance sheet, knowing what would be the BR and other aspects of the bills receivables. Who would be in immediate need of the money and so on.
  • Analytics and Audits :

The feature goes further collecting a pool of information and then processing it. It analyses and gives out audits checks & balance further.

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