About Us

Lucson Infotech visualises the need of advanced technology in any and every business. Lucson provides a complete growth strategy powered by innovation and technology. Organizations that want to unlock the full value of technologies are guests at Lucson Infotech. We empower our clients to use advanced technology with human – machine approach walking hand in hand. Lucson infotech has a culture of revolutionizing an agile mindset and continuous learning, bringing the change needed as the business evolves. We create a flexible tech core for sustainable growth and change through our services, products with an approach of adapting and outmaneuver uncertainty.

To name a few of our aspired services we have web development services, ERP cloud based solutions, mobile app services, and many such to unlock estimated value of technology unifying across business modules and tapping the resources optimally.

The focus would be to explore how our services and products can bring business strategy into a reality and identify new greenfield opportunities. We have an approach that helps our clients accelerate digital transformation by breaking down a complex journey into manageable, prioritized steps. We have an innovation multiplier that pivots on five key points of change- strategy, organisation, practices, technology and talent- to drive growth for all.


Varun Raja

Mr. Varun Raja had this keen interest in developing softwares and bringing transformation into the field of technology. He was so much into these that he built a software all by himself at the tender age of 12. He further dreamed of coming with a company wherein he delivered automation, agile methodologies and tech into all the fields. He believes that man made machines arte the future of the era.

Basic nature of chillaxing with transforming human made machines into these amazing intelligences has made his vision of Lucson Infotech a dream come true. He gives those passimatic vibes of doing work with own pace and power. With such philosophy he built Lucson in 2012 and made the journey smooth and sound not only for him or clients but also for his work family.

Lucson Growth is nothing but the result of our one man Army founder Varun and his visions of implementing coding and building websites, apps that give birth to Lucson Private Limited (OPC).

Our Team

We engage with our team to make them feel at home, which enables them to bring their best to give to their colleagues, clients implementing a very healthy work atmosphere. Our team is constantly striving to learn new everyday change, so that our agile minds contribute for the betterment of our clients, for themselves and as well as Lucson Infotech.

Lucson infotech applies the strategy of win win for all its vital participants through its more important virtue of vasudha kutumbh kum.

Our team has curiosity to bring something new everyday, delivering happiness bringing smiles for everyone fulfilling their dreams.

Jaydeep Dabhi
Python Developer
Imran Mansuri
Graphic Designer
Gaurav Solanki
Python Developer
Meet Kantaria
WordPress Developer
Sunil Barad
SEO & Digital Marketing